Meet Niykee: Destined for Better

YouTube star turned singer/songwriter/producer Niykee Heaton didn’t always expect a future overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

The Bad Intentions artist who released The Bedroom Tour Playlist mixtape in spring 2016 taught herself to play guitar and compose music at an early age, using songwriting as a means of escape. One day, Niykee decided to take it a step further – she bought an iPhone and posted herself playing her favorite hip hop covers on YouTube. She immediately got positive responses.

Niykee made the choice to pack up, take a risk, and pursue her music career in Hollywood instead of taking the safer, more conventional life route that had become the norm in her town. And it paid off.

After she quickly got the attention of record labels, the rest fell into place.

But Niykee hopes her reach can extend past her over 2 million Instagram (@niykeeheaton) followers. Niykee’s growing social media presence has gotten quite a bit of attention over the years, but impacting others with music has always been her ultimate goal. In the same way that music helped her growing up, she wants her music to speak to those who might need extra inspiration or comfort in their own lives.

Check out her full story in the video above.

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