Meet Daye: Suburbs to Better

Hip-hop artist Daye Jack has accomplished quite a bit in just a few years. The Atlanta, GA raised musician has worked with major artists like Killer Mike, Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande, has reached #14 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists Chart, and just dropped his first album, No Data, in March. But Daye Jack didn’t always see a future in music — it took a few risks for him to get to something better.

Daye Jack & blu | blu Something Better

Daye Jack grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, where he constantly felt the pressure to “fit in.” Music was always a way for him to express himself, drawing inspiration from artists like Outkast who eventually encouraged him to begin writing his own music.

But to Daye, music wasn’t always the long-term career path. Instead, he initially pursued computer programming and went on to attend NYU. However, he quickly found that sitting in a classroom just didn’t speak to him the same way that music did.

After some time at NYU, Daye abandoned the “safe” career path to begin pursuing something better. He spent all of his savings to create his first music video, which got the attention of influential bloggers, and soon after, record labels. As they say, the rest is history.

Now, Daye hopes that he can impact others through music the same way he was. One thing is for sure — moving out of the suburbs and taking a chance on his passion led him onto the path to make this all possible.

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