Daye Jack: My blu Story

Hip-hop artist Daye Jack knows all about creative focus and dedication. The computer programmer turned musician who just released his first album, No Data, in March, has reached #14 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart and worked with artists like Killer Mike, Tori Kelly, and Ariana Grande.

So when Daye is recording in the studio, he doesn’t want any distractions. That’s where blu comes in.


With blu, Daye’s creative juices can keep on flowing. There’s no need to step away from the mic or interrupt his writing process – he can vape his blu right then and there.

Every moment counts for Daye when he’s in the studio – and blu helps him stay on track to accomplish his goals and keep recording chart topping tracks.

So what’s next for Daye? Anything is possible on his journey to something better, but blu will be along for the ride.