Known for warm weather and long days of sunny skies, summer has rightfully earned its reputation as the season of travel. Luckily for us, if you’ve been holding off on booking your annual vacation, the sweater weather and colorful foliage of fall makes for a perfect backdrop to satisfy your wanderlust.

Before you hunker down and bundle up for the rest of the year, pack your bags, and visit a few of these hidden gems for a last minute trip:

Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

When you think of a relaxing getaway, a trip to Arkansas might not cross your mind. But the southern state, known for its mountainous and diverse geography, makes for an ideal destination for those that would rather spend their time outdoors.

Discover one of the Ozark Mountains’ biggest mysteries with a guided tour through the Old Spanish Treasure Cave. Legend has it, Spanish Conquistadors left behind a hidden treasure that’s never been found. You can enjoy an underground movie theater at the Treasure of Terror Theater, go gym stone panning, visit the historic log cabin gift shop, and hopefully get your hands on some of that lost gold!

Sedona, Arizona

Featured as the ‘Most Beautiful Place in America’ by USA Weekend, Sedona or “Red Rock Country” is made up of 1.8 million acres of national forest land and stone formations. Explore hiking trails on foot and by bike, or take a Pink Jeep tour for an off-road expedition (Broken Arrow Tour).

Recently, Sedona has become a fantasy destination for couples and wine enthusiasts. You won’t want to miss the vineyards, tasting rooms, or visits to the dozen of spas and art galleries the town has to offer.

Calistoga, California

Calistoga is home to one of the oldest hot springs in California, the Harbin Hot Springs. Surrounded by over 5,000 acres just north of Napa Valley, guests come from around the globe to bathe in the historic healing pools of spring water.

To experience wine country with family fun, take a Safari West African Adventure tour! Almost 1,000 animals reside in this world class conservation breeding facility located in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. Pro tip: Safari West offers private tours, fine dining at the Savannah Cafè, and luxury camping quarters imported from Botswana.