Ready or not, summer is back – and with that comes some pretty hot temps.

If you’re like most, a trip to your local pool or beach may be first on your to-do list, but the long days of summer offer a perfect backdrop for many different warm weather activities. Here, we list some of the best ways to switch things up when you’re ready to do a bit more with your lazy summer days:

Spend the Day at a Brewery (food trucks)

Nothing pairs better with scorching heat than an ice cold beer. And an assortment of beer fresh from the source? Well, that’s even better. Some of the best breweries offer an atmosphere that’s unmatched by any plain old bar. Most feature live music, food trucks, and plenty of wide open space to enjoy.

Shop a Farmer’s Market

A trip to the Farmer’s Market is a win-win: supporting local businesses while you take care of your grocery shopping? Done. Stands set up by local vendors and farms often offer the freshest produce grown right from their backyards. Plus, if you get there a little early, you can avoid the worst of the summer heat.

Try Rafting

Feeling a little daring? White water rafting is the perfect way to keep cool and try something new. As a novice, contact a guided rafting business in your area to navigate heights, speeds, and terrains according to your skill level and with proper instruction. This is a great group activity that will definitely keep you moving – but be forewarned, anyone is fair game to fall out of the raft!

Visit an Amusement Park

Purchase passes to your nearest amusement park for a day of fun with friends or family. Get an adrenaline rush on a high speed rollercoaster, check out the delicious food (funnel cake is a must), and make a splash at a water ride to cool down. One thing is for sure, you definitely won’t get bored.

Take in the Stars

If you don’t feel like leaving home, enjoy a night in your own backyard looking up at the stars. Some of the clearest skies and jaw-dropping celestial events take place during summer nights, including the first Total Solar Eclipse viewable in the U.S. since 1979, set to take place on August 21st. So don’t forget to mark your calendars! Want to check out other celestial events coming up? Most are available online so you can plan your stargazing ahead of time.